A stormy day in Suurupi

I thought and wondered if I should go take photos of the stormy sea. At first I meant to go to Kakumäe, but then I decided in favour of Suurupi.

The drive there was quite interesting due to the strong wind. The whole way the wind wanted to push me off the road. I arrived, took my photographing gear and went for a walk.

It was quite easy to go, as the wind was from behind, but the way back to the car was quite difficult.

Shooting was also difficult. The wind was quite strong and wanted to turn the tripod over all the time. I spread the tripod legs, but it didn’t help much. Another problem was water splashes. I had to dry the lens practically after every shot. But it’s all part of the job.

Some pictures from today:

A stone in the storm.

Caves on Suurupi beach.

Caves on Suurupi beach.

Caves on Suurupi beach.


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