Türisalu waterfall

I took a small photo trip to Türisalu waterfall. Initially, the plan was to go to Suurupi as well, but there was not enough time for that.

At the beginning of the journey I was hit by a heavy rain. Luckily I was in the car and didn’t get wet. The rain started at the Haabersti cross and stopped behind in the area of Tabasalu.

Before going to the Türisalu waterfall, I also stopped at the Türisalu cliff once, but took no pictures from there. The weather was cloudy and there were no very special rain clouds in the sky. So I drove on.

I parked the car, took the photo equipment with me and went to the waterfall.

Afterwards I packed my things, cleaned the tripod (which had become dirty when climbing to the waterfall) and drove home.

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