Tammsaare park

I had a plan to go to take pictures of the Tammsaare park in Tallinn. One part of Tammsaare park is a no-fly zone, where the permit of the Civil Aviation Administration must be obtained. I could apply for this permit, but I didn’t bother to do it this time, so there were no plans to fly a drone into the area. It is not always certain whether this permission will be granted. However, the other part of Tammsaare park is an area where a drone with a different flight permit (single permit) can be flown. I have that permission.

I thought carefully about where to fly the drone in the park. What I feared most was that there would be problems with connection between the drone and the remote control. But this problem never arose.

So I made the necessary preparations and drove downtown in the evening. I prepared my gear and waited for the lights to turn on in Tammsaare park.

When the lights were on, I set the drone ready, or rather almost ready. This time laziness took its toll. Although I have a permit to fly a drone in accordance with Estonian law, I must also obtain a permit from the drone manufacturer. This can be done online and with a drone app. I didn’t get this permission at home at the computer (I forgot to) and I was hoping that the app could do the thing (I’ve done this many times before). But this time things didn’t go so easily. In fact, things didn’t go anywhere at all. Namely, the drone’s app was problematic that day and did not receive permission.

I was only able to fly a drone in a very small area of ​​Tammsaare park. I was quite sad. Next time, I’ll set things in order at the computer.

However, I got some pictures.

Lighting in Tammsaare park.

View from Tammsaare park.