Places near lake Peipsi

I had not been hiking anywhere for a long time, but this time I made a trip to the settlements by lake Peipsi. In addition, some other places so that the way back and forth would not be monotonous.

The plan was as follows: Tallinn – Kallaste – Alatskivi – Nina – Alatskivi – Kolkja – Kasepää – Varnja – Äksi – Tallinn.

I started driving around 8:30 and was back by 20:00, so the day was about 12 hours long. I initially drove on the Tallinn-Tartu highway to get there, but starting from Koigi I used side roads to make the drive more interesting. Although the road was versatile, I didn’t find anything by the road to stop the car for and take pictures. The first stop was therefore only in Kallaste, where I spent a little more time. I took pictures with both the camera and the drone.

The next destination was Nina. There I photographed the church and the lighthouse.

Now back to Alatskivi and from there to Kolkja, Kasepää and Varnja. Although I was hoping to take a few more photos there, I couldn’t find many objects to take pictures of. I’ve been there many times before, so maybe I can say that I didn’t find much new to capture this time.

The next destination was Äksi. In Äksi village, I took pictures of a building with a mural and some pictures of lake Saadjärv.

The road led to Äksi church. There I made a slightly longer stop and flew the drone near the church. Unfortunately, I could no longer get into the church because it was already a little late.

The trip was nearing its end, so it was time to start driving towards Tallinn. Initially, I drove along the Piibe road and further along the Tallinn-Tartu highway. As I said before, I got home around 8 p.m.