Noctilucent clouds at Suurupi

Mid-summer is the time of noctilucent clouds, so I waited for the right time to take pictures of them. I chose Suurupi as the destination.

I started driving to my destination at 11:30 pm, driving for a while and I was there. Now I had to wait a bit for it to get dark enough and for the noctilucent clouds to appear. The time was right around 1 o’clock at night. All pictures were taken between 1:00 and 2:30. After that, it started to turn lighter and the night clouds became paler.

While the weather in Tallinn was practically calm, Suurupi greeted with a fairly strong wind. I thought I would be quite alone by the sea, but it wasn’t like that. Other people had come to the sea at night.

When the pictures had been taken, I drove back home, where I reached about 3:00.