Vanasauna Waterfall

Some time ago I discovered a new waterfall (cascade) for myself. I read an article somewhere that such a waterfall exists and it looked quite unique in the pictures. So I decided to go see it and take photos.

I had been to it once, during the previous photo trip, but then I couldn’t find good access to the waterfall due to lack of time.

However, once you’ve visited the site, it’s easier to find access to it on the maps. And that’s what I did. I set out how to approach the waterfall and made the plan come true.

I drove there, parked my car and started looking for access to the waterfall. There was a lot of climbing, but I reached my destination. This waterfall is multi-level. I couldn’t take pictures of the very bottom because everything was quite muddy and slippery. Didn’t risk climbing there. When photographing the lower part, there is also a large tree in the view, which conceals the upper part to a considerable extent.

On the way back, I also walked a bit on the edge of a quarry. It was an interesting trip and discovery.