Rainy day at the Valgejärve hiking trail and in Keila

I’ve been to bogs a lot lately, and also to bogs I’ve never been to before. I thought I would continue the series of expeditions. The selection included the Valgejärve landscape protection area. In fact, this part of the landscape is relatively small, but it still exists.

Lake Valgejärv is a unique lake in Estonia. The bottom of the lake is covered with a layer of lake limestone, which makes the bottom of the lake white.

I looked at the weather for a long time to find the right weather. The sun is as it is now, in other words, there is quite a bit of sunshine. So it was necessary to find especially dry weather. The weather in Tallinn (starting point of the trip) was exactly as promised, ie cloudy and without precipitation. So I took my photo and camping gear and set off.

Halfway down, however, raindrops began to appear on the windshield of the car. It wasn’t a big rain, but rather a downpour. The closer I got, the denser it got. But I didn’t turn back.

I arrived in about an hour. There was heavy fog and fog. I took my backpack and set off. There was about a 7-10 mile walk ahead (depending on how many zigzags I make on the road). I had decided to go around the lake first and then come back along the boardwalk built between the rapids and the lakes.

The first place I got out was a wolf garden. It is a wolf trap built along the hiking trail to introduce the former wolf trapping methods.

From time to time, I also deliberately deviated from the road to find something interesting to take pictures of. I also found places that seemed interesting, but the problem was again that these places had grown too bushy for photography. But I still got something in there.

There was also a spring by the road. It was pretty cool to watch. But I didn’t take pictures from that source.

After a long walk I reached the Rye Mountains. The forest there was nice. Make five times up the hill in the middle of the forest, then down the hill, and so on.

Walking along the forest road, I had accidentally passed the end of the road that led to the lake. But I discovered a young pine tree, where for some reason some small pine trees were lying down. Maybe they were deliberately cut down so that the trees wouldn’t grow too dense.

I walked past this young pine forest and reached a clearing where a pretty great view opened up. I wanted to take a picture of this place, but it didn’t work out right away. Firstly, it started to rain very hard and secondly it was necessary to go to the top of a hill to get a better view. When I got to the top of the hill, there was no good view. So a little disappointing.

It started to rain more and more. I went back along the road and looked for the end of the road that leads to Lake Valgejärv. The boardwalk started soon.

While taking a walk in the swamp and along the lake, I took some pictures. The rain was very heavy. I pulled the film cap over my head so that the water wouldn’t hurt. As there was also a relatively strong wind, the lens glass was instantly wet. So there was a lot of rioting to take pictures. The rain can also be seen in the following picture.

I had hoped to take pictures with the drone as well, but I didn’t want to take out the drone in such weather. But when I was at the end of the boardwalk, the rain stopped for a while. Then the opportunity arose to launch the drone for a while. The wind was still pretty strong, so I had to be careful that the wind didn’t take my drone.

I was able to fly the drone for about 5-6 minutes when the port started again. I hurriedly dropped the drone and packed things. Now there was still a way to get to the car.

I had my car parked in the parking lot by Järveotsa lake. I also looked at Lake Järveotsa once, but I didn’t take any pictures. If there had been no rainfall, I might have flew the drone, but this time it was gone.

It was getting dark outside. A little lunch in the car before leaving.

Before going home, the plan was to jump through Keila to see what the Christmas tree there would look like.

When I arrived in Keila, it was already raining, but I still got some pictures of the Christmas decorations there.

And now there was a way home. The length of the hike was about 7 hours, I walked 9-10 kilometers.

It is already customary for me to have some new camping equipment with me on every trip. This time it was a new thermos. The previous thermos was quite new to me, but it tended to leak liquid from the cap. The new thermos is the Thermos Stainless King. At least the first trip worked well. There were no leaks and the drink was kept warm.