This was a photo trip that took place in spring, the description of which I will now write here.

The trip was as follows: Tallinn – Keila – Seljaküla – Variku – Vaisi – Nõva – Rannaküla – Harju-Risti – Keila – Tallinn. I took pictures at Variku, Nõva and Rannaküla.

The first stop was in Variku, where I photographed the village square.

Moving on to Nõva, I photographed some larger boulders by the road: Eedu rock, Linamaa rock.

Linamaa rock.
Eedu boulder.

Then I reached Nõva. First I drove out of Nõva to Rannaküla, to the port of Nõva. There was the first long break and photographing.

Nõva port.
Nõva port.
Nõva port.
Nõva port.

Nõva port.
Nõva port.
Nõva port.

When I had visited the port of Nõva, I moved on to a nice pine forest along the coast. This forest is very pleasant, nicely silent and with clean air. Under the trees are large lichens.

Pine forest.

After going to the forest, I went back to Nõva. I took a look at the school and inspected the church.

Beside Nõva school.
A chapel in Nõva church yard.

After visiting Nõva, I started driving back to Tallinn. On the way I made another stop to take a picture of the Maissoo bus stop.

Maissoo bus stop.

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