Pärispea peninsula

This time the photo trip took me to the Pärispea peninsula. The plan was to reach the very top of the peninsula, Cape Purekkari. Before that, however, I visited some other places that seemed interesting there.

The trip started from Tallinn and the first destination was the ancient valley of the Pärlijõgi River. I also went there in early spring when I saw that there were quite a few ferns there. In my previous trip, however, the ferns hadn’t started to grow yet, so I thought I’d drive through it again to take pictures of them. However, I was hoping for a somewhat more powerful sight than what was there, but I still took some pictures.

I then drove along the road to Loksa. I didn’t stop at Loksa and the drive continued towards the top of the Pärispea peninsula. I made a stop at Pärispea village. There was an abandoned Soviet-era military building by the sea, which probably had something to do with the Hara submarine harbor. Then I walked around a bit and took photos. The drone also got to fly this time.


When the photos were taken at Pärispea, I drove straight to Purekkari cape. There was the longest walk of this trip. I walked to the very end of the cape, I took pictures with both the camera and the drone. The bunches of wild pansies (Viola tricolor) that bloomed on the Cape of Purekkari were very special. I had never seen so many of these plants in one place before. Seeing and photographing these plants was the highlight of this photo trip. Since the wind was quite strong, photographing these flowers was a real challenge.

When the pictures had been taken, I walked back to the car. Small lunch and back to Tallinn.