Loksa and Käsmu

This time the road took me to Loksa and Käsmu.

The first destination was Loksa, in fact Kasispea near Loksa. On the way there, an insane number of cars caught my eye at the Viru bog. Seeing the number of cars, the question arose as to whether these hikers were standing in line in the bog.

I didn’t stop in Loksa, I only drove through the town. The wreck of the old ship “Raketa” is located in Kasispea. It was a schooner built in Finland in 1949 to compensate the Soviet Union for war damage. A depreciated ship was driven to the shore of Hara bay in 1957. Since then, the wreck has been there and time has taken its proper toll on it.

Arriving at the wreck, it turned out that some drunks had settled comfortably inside. As a result, taking pictures was interrupted for at least some time. I waited a little and then let the drone fly. When the pictures with the drone were taken, the drunks also started to pack up and left. It was possible to take the necessary photos.

The next target was Käsmu. First I planned to go to the maritime museum there and then I wanted to go to photograph Käsmu’s field of boulders.

There were quite a lot of people at Käsmu. The weather was also exceptionally warm and calm for autumn. First I took pictures at the maritime museum. Then I went for a walk in the forest, the goal was to see the Käsmu field of boulders. Fortunately, there were no people there and I could take pictures peacefully.

When the pictures had been taken at Käsmu, there was a way home waiting. There were no more stops on this trip.

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