Türisalu cliff in snowstorm

This photo trip took me to Türisalu cliff. Initially, the plan was to go further, but due to weather conditions, I postponed this longer trip.

So I decided to go to Türisalu cliff and not on top of it, but below. When setting things up at home, the sky became clear and there was a little sunshine, which added to the desire to travel quickly. The preparations didn’t take long and I started.

The trip started from Tallinn and the destination was Vääna-Jõesuu beach, through which I thought to walk under the cliff of Türisalu. When I got moving, the weather was already cloudy, but what about that? Moving towards Türisalu, the weather starting from Tabasalu became more and more cloudy and a little snowier. The wind also grew stronger. When I reached Muraste area, there was already a pretty good blizzard on the road.

When I reached my destination, I was greeted by heavy snowfall and wind. The snow fell rather horizontally. It immediately became clear that no special pictures would be taken in such weather. But I didn’t give up and I still went to the destination, it took about an hour.

I sank through the snow once and my foot got into the sea water. Fortunately, nothing special happened and the walk could continue.

I could only take pictures in one direction, because if I had turned the camera the other way, the lens would have immediately covered with a layer of snow.

I couldn’t take many pictures, but still managed to get some things photographed.